Project Portfolio

I create art and displays in a variety of places and forms. From digital art and websites to physical artistic spaces, art continues to flourish. Below is a gathering of my projects in art and in research.

2022/ Chrysler Art Museum


When I first interviewed for the Communications Department I understood marketing to be creating social media plans, managing content, proposing strategies to drive audience engagement, and increasing overall interest in both local and neighboring communities; as my time at the Chrysler Museum progressed, I quickly learned that the Communications Department concerns itself withall of these areas and much, much, more. 

Creating posts for featured exhibitions like M.C. Escher challenged me to dust off my art historical research skills in order to highlight particularly enticing parts of the exhibition. There is an undeniable art form in drawing out focal points of an exhibition in order to pique interest and drive engagement with only a few  concise sentences on Instagram. Among my favorite parts of learning about M.C. Escher was discovering his friendship with Roger Penrose; his mathematical influence can be seen in many of Escher’s works. 

The chance to engage with the social media aspect of the Chrysler Museum allowed me to study the broader museum audience. As the Chrysler Museum has a large pool of supporters who enjoy traditional promotional media like the seasonal Magazine, brochures, flyers, and invitationals, I was given an opportunity to see the creation processes of a variety of print materials. While these print materials cater to the deeply nuanced members of the museum, I observed great potential to increase the engagement of the younger audience as well. Reflecting on the brand of the Chrysler Museum and the overall audience, I decided to create Art Memes to capture the attention of a semi-elusive Gen Z museum audience. The series of Memes show On View artworks from an approachable and educational perspective for the museum’s Instagram and Facebook feeds, where the initial artwork creates a laugh and the quick caption enforces a light educational blurb about the piece. This gives younger viewers a small body of works to seek out while attending: works they have established rapport with, and a bit of prior art knowledge about. 

One of my favorite projects was the photographing of the summer interns for a part in the Fall 2022 Chrysler Museum Magazine. I was able to photograph each intern in the cohort around the gallery and in their individual department. Getting an opportunity to see the accomplishments and excitement from each of my fellow interns was truly inspiring.

While I created social media posts for current exhibitions, I also learned more about media planning for future exhibitions like Black Orpheus and To See A World In A Grain of Sand. Researching local channels to optimize promotional needs and creating plans for digitizing information gave me a chance to work with art subjects that were previously unfamiliar to me. I am excited to see the culmination of my future projects when the exhibitions open to the public.

During my time at the Chrysler Museum, I witnessed a number of exciting events, educational opportunities, and artistic demonstrations, including many glimpses behind the scenes of different projects. Artist Talks with visiting artists like Hew Locke: The Ghostly Tourists, the thrilling live performances during Glass After Dark at the Perry Glass Studio, the filming of WHRO-TV for The Guiding Hand: The Barr Foundation Collection of Torah Pointers, and the conservation projects on the Thomas Cole’s Voyage of Life with Eurich Uffleman from Washington & Lee University all have one thing in common: a need for strong communication and collaboration between the many silos of each department to create a memorable and successful experience. While each department excels in creating inspiring events with the Communications Department wielding the brand of the Chrysler Museum, each event is strategized to be marketed to its fullest potential. The importance of collaboration, coordination, and communication are essential for success in events and marketing as a whole. The Chrysler Museum flourishes in balancing an optimal workflow while catering to a wide range of audience members in each of its exhibitions, events, and social media endeavors. The complexities and nuances of creating and maintaining strong community relationships, fostering a brand identity, and managing expectations are all priceless skills I will carry forward in my professional career. 

Overall, my experiences at the Chrysler Museum of Art fostered my appreciation, passion, and wonder for art, community, and technology. I’m very grateful to have been able to be a part of the Communications Department for the last 10 weeks. Thank you Megan Frost, Michael Burlucchi, Emily Shield, Emily Caton, Vondelle McCoy, Cassie Rengal, and Desi Mihaylov for being an integral part of my internship.

“There is nothing more truly artistic than to love people.”

Vincent Van Gogh

Photographs from The Chrysler Museum of Art Summer Internship Program 2022

2020/ ArtWorks Gallery


Working at ArtWorks Gallery over the years led me to exciting new opportunities for growth and exploration. Starting as an intern with installing and deinstalling various exhibitions exposed me to a variety of art medias and strengthened my understanding and appreciation for the depth of artworks in each of their forms.

Object Research